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Professional mobile radio service

TETRA PMR - service where you need and when you need

Открытие летней Универсиады-2013 в Казани Чемпионат водных видов спорта в Казани в 2015 году Чемпионат по Хайдавингу в Казани

During conducting the mass cultural, entertainment and sporting events across the whole of the city, the availability of reliable professional mobile radio service is extremely important for linking the members of public safety, service support, organizing committee groups to each other  within the group and between groups, inside one object as well  as between objects ( airports, railway stations, event venues, sporting facilities etc.)

The same time many of big events take place during limited time and not always at the one same place across the country.

Taking to account this two challenges there are two main questions:

  • The choice of right network technology;
  • The choice of right system deployment and operation strategy.

TETRA is the only PMR standard that mostly meets all necessary requirements for important mass events. The use of TETRA was included into the official regulations of organizations that lead such events as the summer and winter Olympics , all FIFA competitions , Formula-1 Races, etc.

Regarding the network deployment, it often matters to have an opportunity to use PMR service rolled out on temporarily bases during events dates only at given location. After the event, the equipment could be removed to other location for other event needs.

Our company TISSCOM ltd. (Kazan, Russia) has extensive experience in the organization and rapid deployment of network operational communications for events, including:

  • providing special services of digital radio in the framework of preparation and holding of XXVII world summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan;
  • provision of mobile radio services in the framework of the FINA world Championships in aquatics-2015 in Kazan;
  • organization of radio stations in the world Cup high diving in Kazan;
  • providing services to mobile radio communications in the framework of the  Confederations Cup Draw by FIFA in Kazan.

Our company is ready to cooperate by providing quality and reliable operational radio communication for events with the possibility of renting radios, a wide range of accessories, as well as basic network infrastructure (base stations, workstations network Manager, server, call recording and network events, etc.). Part of the services may also include logistics and technical service stations: their programming in accordance with the scheme of connection of the customer and the marking of the equipment with the necessary accessories, the delivery of the objects and the users of results and feedback collection, charging batteries and so on.

The Company summary

Стадион Казань-Арена в Казани Радиостанции TETRA производства Airbus Казань

The Limited liability Company “Transport integrated secure systems for communications” (TISSCOM Ltd) was founded in 2012. The main mission of the company is to provide system integration and complex solutions implementation in the fields of PMR, industry automation and telemetry including SCADA. Our team has many years’ experience of design, deployment and operation of public and PMR networks of various standards such as TETRA, GSM/DCS, CDMA/UMTS, LTE. We work also with microwave, fiber optic, wireless broadband transport networks based on PDH, SDH, MPLS.  Our last experience is focused on TETRA networks for Oil@Gas companies and public safety institutions in the region of Tatarstan, Russian Federation.

The list of noticeable successful projects includes:

  • 2013-network design , deployment and operation of TETRA 16 BS network for World Students Games (Universiade) in Kazan, Russia under the contract with Moscow based partner(http://kazan2013.com/en)

  • 2014-participation in TETRA network design for Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

  • 2015-we had designed, rolled out and put into operation 9BS TETRA network for the complex of petrochemical and oil-refining plants JSC TANECO in Nizhnekamsk, Russia (www.taneco.ru) . The further network maintenance and operation is being provided currently by TISSCOM under the service contract.

  • 2015-we started the deployment of multiservice telecom network for JSC TATNEFT (www.tatneft.ru)  in the eastern part of Tatarstan, Russia. 8 BS TETRA network (1st phase) , broadband wireless access network and the grid of passive infrastructure  were built and put into operation up to now. The SCADA system was successfully tested in the trial operation mode. The project is being continued at present time. As per recommendation of regional Ministry of emergency situations we developed a technical solution of local alarm informing, based on maintained by TISSCOM TETRA network, that is to be tested on one of the operating oil production facilities in October-November this year.

  • 2016-in the partnership with Ministry of Telecom and IT of the Republic of Tatarstan we deployed the first BS for TETRA network in the purposes of MCHS (The regional Ministry of emergency situations) in the city of Innopolis –educational and R&D area having special economic status, developed in the neighborhood of Kazan. ( http://all.innopolis.ru/en/ )

  • 2017 – started next stage for TATNEFT TETRA network (37 BS).

  • 2017 – started provision of PMR service on rental basis during public events, offering to organizing companies such services as network infrastructure fast temporary deployment at the desired location, radios and accessories logistics and rental, operations support etc.

Our qualification is confirmed by official admission to perform design and construction works (SRO-Russia),quality management certificates GOST R ISO 9001-2015, positive references upon works completion, license for mobile radio services provision in Russia.

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